Thursday, 29 May 2014

Clever Keyring tutorial

I thought I should show you how to make those keyrings from my latest fab challenge!  I know I hadn't finished them then, but now I have!

I made 4 in the challenge but only made up two key rings so far.

Step 1.  I used a small wooden heart.  I got a pack of them free with a magazine once but they are easy enough to find in the shops.  Wooden shapes are ever so popular.  I would go for simple shapes though, you will see why soon.

2 Using runny glue such as PVA or Modge Podge glue your wooden heart to your chosen paper.  Once this has dry cut it out carefully and then repeat on the other side.  Before sticking the second side on I recommend that you push the hole through.  I didn't on my first go and it was ever so difficult to find through the paper.  Once other side is dry and cut out take some sand paper or a nail file and file around the edges so that they are smooth and there are no loose bits of paper overhanging.
3.  You need to cover your piece in glue.  I pin them to a cork board to do this (you can see previous drip marks from the varnish stage!) I use pins through the holes to attach them so there is as little surface area as possible in contact.  I don't want them sticking to the board.  Once dry I suggest varnishing.  It makes it far more weather proof.
4.  This picture shows you what you will need.  I found some very thin cord (again a free gift with something) and a keyring.  I bought a pack of cheap keyrings for £1 and jut removed the split rings.


5.  I threaded 2 thirds of the cord (around 20cm) through the hole and tied a tight knot.
6. Keeping the shorter part of the cord pulled straight I used the longer thread to make the knot.  I looped it under the short piece and then took it over and back down through the loop I had made.  
7.  I then went on to repeat the same knot again and again.  as you go on the knots twist around in a nice way.  I kept going until both lengths were the same.

8. I tied one last strong knot, this time not keeping the shorter length straight.
9. I put the ring over one of the lengths and tied a strong knot
10.  After knotting the ring on I then did several knots under the ring around the knots I did earlier.

11.  Lastly I put a few knots in the ends and trimmed them to a length I wanted.  You could thread some beads on (I couldn't find any easily) or you could do some clever inventive knot so you disguise the ends.  Alternatively you could use some jewellery findings and not do any knotting at all.

Here are my finished keyrings.  I ended up layering two together which I really like.  For that one i just did random knots and didn't worry about a pattern at all.

Well it's over to you! your turn to give it a go.

happy crafting everyone 

If you would like to make these for yourself  I used :
Desert Blooms paper pad click here to see shop

I also used free gift wooden blanks and mod podge.

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