Thursday, 22 May 2014

Easy Easel card tutorial

Well in fits of creativity I ran out of time to blog yesterday.  I was busy checking out a brand new craft shop with the lovely Janey.  Don't you just love sparkly new shops? especially crafty ones? They are like getting a mystery present and opening it to find all your favourite treats inside!

Well today, after yesterdays crafty excitement I thought an easy little tutorial was in order. 

Easy Easel card

This little card really is easy peasy! Honest! 

First off you will need a blank card.  If you don't have one then you can cut a piece of card and fold it in half.  This card is 3x3" so if you are cutting out your own card then try 6"x3"

1.  Fold the front of your card in half.  Use a bone folder or lollipop stick (after you have eaten the lolly and cleaned the stick of course!)

2.  Cut a square of card just smaller than the shape of your card.  This one is 2.8" square.

3. To attach the paper to your card place a strip of double sided tape at the top an bottom of the bottom half of the paper like in the image above.

4.  Now attach the paper to the card.  Because you only put tape on the bottom part of the paper you can see here that it will now flip up when the card is opened.

5.  Cut a strip of paper about 1cm wide and the width of your card,

6.  Attach foam pads to the back of your paper.  You need to add depth here as it will ensure your card will stand up later on.

7.  Attach the strip to the edge of the base of your card.  I left about a 2mm gap from the edge.

8.  Now when you open your card you can tuck the top section behind the strip of raised paper and it will now stand up.  This is the fun bit is time to get creative!

Here is my little effort.  I placed 3 flowers on the front, using foam pads to add depth.  I then finished off my card with three coordinating buttons on the raised strip.

What do you think?
Want to have a go yourself?

If you would like to share your easel card creations please do let me know on

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