Friday, 23 May 2014

Plastic bag bunting

Yesterday I made some new bunting for my garden ... out of plastic carrier bags!  A while ago I started trading under ReJenisis.  The name, as unusual as it is, was meant to be a combination of Re for recycle and Jen as in my name.  I have been incredibly interested in creating something beautiful from something which would otherwise be thrown away.  Making bunting from plastic bags was something I developed and worked on for a while.  One thing I discovered, was that there are limits to the different coloured bags you can get with your shopping.  I was also finding that in order to get the bags I wanted that I would buy things I wouldn't necessary normally do just so that I could get the bag I wanted!  Now I supplement my creations with coloured bags I bought on a roll.  Although this means that my bunting isn't 100% recycled, it does mean that they are even more beautiful and I don't go wasting money just to get a bag I want!

So here it is, my lovely cheerful bunting.  I alternated rainbow colours with floral ones.  Hopefully you can see enough detail.

It is now hung in my garden, looking pretty, and in the case of such a dreary wet day today, it has certainly made the garden more cheerful!


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