Monday, 5 May 2014

Button necklace tutorial

Hi there crafty people everywhere! 
Today's tutorial is this fantastic button necklace!  
The buttons are from a mixed bag of buttons I had lying around.  

Button necklace

For this tutorial I used some embroidery thread in a coordinating colour and chose a selection of buttons from my stash.

1.  Measure around your neck with the thread, you will want to drape it around so that it sits where you would like the final necklace to sit.  Now measure that length 4 times.  This is the length of thread you will need.

2. Fold your thread in half and make a loop in the middle and tie a knot.  I made the knot sit about 2cm up.

3.  Thread both ends with a needle.  (If you used a cord it would be a good idea to wrap a small amount of tape around the ends in order to stop it fraying.)

4.  Take your first button.  Thread one of the strands down through one of the holes and then under and up through another.  The other thread needs to go under the button and come up through a hole, go over and then down the last remaining hole. other thread needs to go through in the opposite directions.  This will wrap the button so that it will sit flat around the neck.  If you have a two hole button then you will need to thread both threads through the same holes but making sure that one thread goes over, under, over and the other under, over, under. 
Once you have threaded the button and moved it into place you need to take both strands and make a knot just beyond the button.  This will help keep the button in place and create a good start for attaching the next button.

5.  Now you need to thread your next buttons.  Keep draping the necklace around your neck until you are happy with the length.  When the length is correct make your last knot.  You will need to create the end clasp.  

6.  Tie a further knot about 1cm away from your last knot

7.  Thread a smaller button (this needs to be able to fit through the loop you made in step 2) Thread both threads through different holes from back to front and tie in a tight knot.  (knot it a couple of times at least and if you wish to make it extra secure place a little glue on the knot)

8.  Try out your necklace, The end button you just attached should now easily go through the loop you made in step 2 and it should now be wearable!

How about creating several and layering them up? For the pink necklace I used a hemp cord that I bought from my local bead shop.  There are lots of colours available and it came in pack of 4 different colours.  Although I love the look I did find the hemp quite thick so threading through the button eyes was less easy, you also couldn't thread through the same hole twice.

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