Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Pin wheel spinning card tutorial

Well it has certainly been a while since I last blogged.  I haven't forgotten you all, honest, Just been a bit busy getting things sorted before the baby arrives.

Anyhow I thought I would share a quick tutorial with you ready for fathers day.

The Pin wheel spinning card.

You will need a pin wheel template, card blank, papers and card for layering, round foam pads (easily found in the range at the mo) Scissors and round punches.

Step 1 - I started with a 4" square card and layered some fab balloons on top (cutting it 3.5x3.5") These balloons are from the wonderful Man Made papers range and were included in June's Crafty What Nots box.  Each balloon is embossed which is rather lovely too!

Step 2 - I next layered a 3x3" grey square of card onto of the balloons to add contrast later on and hide the mechanisms.

Step 3 - cut out a strip of card 1x2" and using a 3/4" circle punch create a hole in the centre.  You also need to punch out a larger circle, This one is 1".

Step 4 - Place a round foam pad in the centre of your bigger circle.

Step 5 - layer the card strip over the circle with the foam dot so that the foam circle shows through the hole.

Step 5 - stick your Pin wheel onto the centre of your foam circle.

Step 6  - turn your piece over and attach foam pads, make sure they do not stick to the circle (infact keep them as far away as possible!) If the pads are too close your wheel won't spin.

Step 7 - now attach your pin wheel to the centre of your card.

Step 8 - I then doodled some writing around the edge to add a little something!  How about writing Happy Fathers Day?

Here is the little spinning card in action!

If you want to know how to make a pin wheel then you will need to start with a square and cut diagonally in from each corner towards the centre, stop short of reaching the centre by about a cm.  then fold down one side of each triangle and pin in place.  This pin wheel started out as a 3" square.

June's Crafty What Nots box was the lovely 'On the Go', great for fathers day.  These pin wheels were included in the box and the card I made as a personal card to each of my subscribers.  Here is a collage of some of the treasures included in the box

Tutorials this month were to make Shrinky plastic embellishments and necklaces, pin wheels and also a secret origami note.  The free gift was a hand made charm bracelet.

Don't forget to pop by www.craftywhatnots.com for more information on Crafty What Nots as well as inspiration and offers.