Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Introducing Jendoris

Sometimes I am very surprised at the directions my craftyness takes me.  I have been really getting into planning this year and I currently have 3 different planners, healthy eating, business and everyday.  My everyday has been particularly fun and has led to my latest product!  Jendori!

So what is a Jendori?  Well it's my personal take on the Travelers Notebook system.  I'm not sure that answered the question right?  

A travelers notebook, or in my case the Jendori is basically a cover with elastics inside.  You can then add whatever inserts you wish to fill it up.  

So what's so different about mine?  Well each of my Jendoris are A6, fabric, trifold and quilted in my own swirly pattern.  I also make inserts and can customise them to the colour scheme of the cover!
Each Jendori comes will added elastics and a metal charm. 

There are so many fun fabrics to choose from. Here are just a few that have been made and sent out to their new forever homes recently.

I have created all sorts of inserts so far.  These have included address books, diaries, habit trackers, plain and squared inserts and also bill trackers.  So if you fancy having your own, unique Jendori then pop by my Facebook page or pop me a message.  I will have everything listed on the website soon but it is currently being redone and it's taking me a while to add everything.

I will leave you with a video unveiling on one of my recent orders.  

I will be popping my Handmade Monday to have a browse to do pop by to say hi and meet some wonderful crafters!