Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Trying to be a Good Parent ~ the crafty way #5

Just popping by to tell you about a little hack I created recently to entertain my youngest at the table.  Lucy, just recently turned 1 and until now Duplo has been something to suck, chew or generally lob at people or on the floor.  I figure it was time to change this! (in a developmentally appropriate way of course!) 
We have a couple of smaller base plates so with zip ties at hand I attached one of these to the top of her highchair tray.  I then rested several bricks on the table next to her to take as she wished.  I tried filling  a bucket and attaching this but she just upended it.  

I was very close to thinking this may actually not be the best of ideas when.... all of a sudden she started to build! she discovered the bricks attached and rather than destruct-a-girl she started to construct.  

This video is of the first time she actually made something.  (please feel free to skip. I was being a bit of a proud mum and videoed far too long! (a couple of minutes seems an age when your looking back!) She actually sat and played for an hour! I was so gobsmacked that it entertained her for that long, she was completely engrossed.


Anyhow since the video was taken Lucy has settled on one particular style, she builds lines, she claps each time in total excitement (as little ones do)  It's so lovely to see creativity, even if it really is in its infancy.

One warning if you do this at home, make sure you wash any spills under a tap!  I found using a wet wipe around the little bumps just made more mess!

One suggestion a friend of mine made was to glue Duplo to the base of bowls or cups to keep them in place.  Think this is a fab idea (although Lucy will pull them up now and make a line with them so wouldn't work anymore).  

Well that's all from me this week. I'd better get on with all my illustrating.  Until then I will be popping by Handmade Monday as always to say hi.

Jen xx

Sunday, 17 July 2016

What's New Pussy Cat?

Welcome once more to my little blog page.

Since last time I have launched the Autumn mystery gift and craft box and those wishing to buy it can enjoy 20% off with the code AUTUMN.

I am so excited to have 7 pages collaborating with this box! It's going to be wonderful and the gifts being made are beautiful!  I so hope others are as excited as me as it will all be very different from my monthly boxes!

In other news I have launched two new crafty kit boxes.

Lavender Wands

Origami Flower 

Each kit includes everything you need to create either the flowers or the wands (yes including the Lavender!)

I have also opened my order books for the Christmas Eve Box! (I can't believe I said that!)  This little box of festive delight will also be a collaboration with small businesses and bring you gifts and craft kits to enjoy on Christmas Eve!

What a wonderful way to relax before the hustle and bustle of the big day!

So what else? Well last week I was very privileged to run two workshops.  We have an event called 'Try This' which runs in Dorchester and encourages people to try things out.  There was a whole program of interesting things to learn or try including beekeeping!  Well I volunteered to run a couple of craft workshops, they both filled up really quick and I even had a waiting list!!!  Both sessions went really well.  I forgot to take pictures of the send (we made paper handbags) but I took a few of the first.  Here are some of the wonderful creations made by the lovely ladies who joined me to learn to make origami flowers. 

Well I better leave you now before I witter on too much!

I will be popping by to share my little blog over at Handmade Monday so if you have a blog or would love to find some new ones to read then do pop by!

Until next time.

Jen xx