Monday, 28 July 2014

Everyone needs a notebook!!

Well I have been busy making all sorts of stationary this week so thought I would show them off!  I am really pleased with them.

These little A6 notebooks contain 40 lined pages and 4 feature pages.  Covers are decorated in some of my favourite papers from the First Edition ranges.  

I have also made my own order book!  I can't wait to fill this one! I spent ages looking for an order book and just couldn't find what I wanted to made my own!!!
 Each page is custom made with my logo and I can use carbon paper if I wish to duplicate the sheets.  I found lining all the pages up took a while!

My order book is A5 so a perfect size!  

I love the paper's I used for this one!  They are from the 'New Bloom' range.

My last creations were these magnetic shopping lists!

What do you think???

I have also done a lovely papercut!  but it's a present so don't want to show it yet!

I will be popping over to Handmade harbour to get my weekly fix of fab blogs!

Hope you have a fab week




Saturday, 19 July 2014

Card box tutorial

A couple of weeks ago I was very lucky to be invited to write a quest blog post for Buttons and Paint.

I have never done a guest post before and if I'm honest I was terribly worried! I just wasn't sure what to write about, which tutorial to post or whether my whole style would be any good. I shouldn't have worried too much though, thankfully! 

 Well with a cuppa in hand and the sunshade up I sat in the garden to get crafting! I have decided there is nothing quite so satisfying than sitting outside and crafting, good for taking photos, warm and chilled, great atmosphere to be creative! I had made several card boxes before so thankfully this was a craft that required little planning.

As you may have reaslied I am very keen on using the first edition paper packs from Trimcraft.  I just love the varieties and colours, not to mention the quality of the paper.  Here is my first card box set I made.  In each box there are 5 handmade gift cards.

The papers I used were all from the 'New Bloom' range and coordinate so well!  I am very lucky to work with a very talented designer, Janey, and I rushed over to hers with a kit I made up and my original and said 'Knock yourself out!'  and here is her wonderful creations.  Considering I gave her no instructions I was pretty impressed at what she created.  It just goes to show how individual you can be with exactly the same materials!

We even managed to coax a total non-crafter to have a go at making the box part.  After a lot of telling us she couldn't do it here she is holding her finished box!  I think she surprised herself!

This just goes to show how easy it is to make the box!
Lastly here are a few of my other completed boxes, one from the 'New Leaf' papers, one from 'Desert Bloom'  and the last from 'Love letters' (which I created just for 
'Buttons and Paint')

Well here is the link to the lovely Buttons and Paint blog!  Click it to go straight to my tutorial.

As always here is the supplies link if you would like to have a go at creating your own using the same materials.  There will be a kit coming soon too if you don't want to buy whole packs.

I will be popping by to see all those crafty people at Handmade Harbour on Sunday if any of you fancy popping round for a cooling dip in the crafty waters.

Will also be popping by 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Washi paperclips tutorial

It occurred to me, while sorting out my craft room (an almighty job!) that I ought to be able to do something constructive with a box of paperclips I have.  I love scrapbooking, in particular journalling.  I have a few fancy shaped paper clips holding mementos and photos all ready but wondered if I could do my own.  Here is my mini tutorial for jazzing up paper clips!

Washi Paperclips

 First take a paperclip and  a length of tape, I tore off around 8cm, the ends don't actually matter at this stage so you don't need to be too neat!  This tape is just less than 1cm wide.

Next step I threaded the tape through the loop (like above) and pushed the ends together making sure all the sticky side was covered.  I then cut the end into a chevron to make it look like a ribbon.

Here I had a go with a wider tape, it was a bit fiddly but looked great in the end!

Here are my new washi tape paperclips in one of my 'And Etc's' journal.

I think I am going to have to make a lot of these using all my different tapes!!  If you would like to see the tape I used as well as other washi tapes I stock please click on the link below!


Wednesday, 9 July 2014 ...It's here!

Well I have just got to the point where I can not keep it under wraps any longer!!!! My website is now live! 
There has been so much to get ready but thought I would give my lovely blog readers a sneaky peak at some of the wonderful things available!  (big trumpet blowing here!)

I didn't want my website to just be about me... in fact I wanted it to be far more than that!  
There are all sorts of craft supplies

Many 1st Edition paper pads
The latest range of La De Dah accessories

Zutter bind it all and accessories

A market place full of wonderful shops selling their unique and handmade gifts


                           ReJenisis - Upcycled Jewellery               Once Upon a Story Stone

                                                                       Jennysis Gifts

There are even links to many of the tutorials to be found in this blog with shopping lists so you can buy all the items I used to create them!

I thought as a treat to all my lovely followers that I would have a 10% launch sale throughout July.  Use code 'jennysisblog' at the checkout to get 10% off your order, that includes everything on the site from story stones to paper, foam pads to jewellery!

If you would be interested in a free stall in the marketplace please don't hesitate to contact me on  I am looking for 5 crafts people who would like to showcase 5 of their items in their own mini shop and best of all it will be free!!!!

Big creative hugs to one and all and hope you like my site!  If you are after anything in particular then don't hesitate to give me a shout, there is so much I have yet to put in my shop!

Jen xx