Saturday, 19 July 2014

Card box tutorial

A couple of weeks ago I was very lucky to be invited to write a quest blog post for Buttons and Paint.

I have never done a guest post before and if I'm honest I was terribly worried! I just wasn't sure what to write about, which tutorial to post or whether my whole style would be any good. I shouldn't have worried too much though, thankfully! 

 Well with a cuppa in hand and the sunshade up I sat in the garden to get crafting! I have decided there is nothing quite so satisfying than sitting outside and crafting, good for taking photos, warm and chilled, great atmosphere to be creative! I had made several card boxes before so thankfully this was a craft that required little planning.

As you may have reaslied I am very keen on using the first edition paper packs from Trimcraft.  I just love the varieties and colours, not to mention the quality of the paper.  Here is my first card box set I made.  In each box there are 5 handmade gift cards.

The papers I used were all from the 'New Bloom' range and coordinate so well!  I am very lucky to work with a very talented designer, Janey, and I rushed over to hers with a kit I made up and my original and said 'Knock yourself out!'  and here is her wonderful creations.  Considering I gave her no instructions I was pretty impressed at what she created.  It just goes to show how individual you can be with exactly the same materials!

We even managed to coax a total non-crafter to have a go at making the box part.  After a lot of telling us she couldn't do it here she is holding her finished box!  I think she surprised herself!

This just goes to show how easy it is to make the box!
Lastly here are a few of my other completed boxes, one from the 'New Leaf' papers, one from 'Desert Bloom'  and the last from 'Love letters' (which I created just for 
'Buttons and Paint')

Well here is the link to the lovely Buttons and Paint blog!  Click it to go straight to my tutorial.

As always here is the supplies link if you would like to have a go at creating your own using the same materials.  There will be a kit coming soon too if you don't want to buy whole packs.

I will be popping by to see all those crafty people at Handmade Harbour on Sunday if any of you fancy popping round for a cooling dip in the crafty waters.

Will also be popping by 


  1. Thanks again for your guest post. You had absolutely no reason to be worried... it was fab and loads of people have commented about how clear your instructions were!! We love these card boxes & they are defo on our ever growing list of things to make! x

    1. I really loved doing it! Am so glad it went so well! I have such a long list of things to do myself! It just never ends! xx

  2. It was a lovely post, I enjoyed reading it and am hoping to try making my own soon.