Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Too many crafts, not enough time

Having a ponder today ...what to blog about this week? The end of the month always seems so hectic with plans for the next crafty box as well as the Christmas Eve crafty box.  Still I thought I'd share something different with you.

Over the years I have really struggled to just do one craft, I like so many and really find honing one a nightmare.  I think that's partly why I enjoy designing my mystery Crafty What Nots boxes, I have to design and write tutorials and compose a fun and appealing box, each month is a challenge! But sometimes I long to draw, it's quite an odd feeling if I'm honest. 

Well my latest drawing venture has been family portraits, I've had some lovely commissions and there is something so nice about creating personal drawings for people, it's also very scary as you really want to do them justice!

When I started I worked on an image of myself and other half. Here you can see actual photos of us and the portrait I drew. 

Here are a selection of portraits I've completed. I can't show you all of them as a few are Christmas presents and don't want to ruin the surprise!

I hope you liked the portraits. I have also experimented making coasters as well as photo booth images which have been fun. I have also been thinking about creating profile pictures for Facebook as I've had some lovely comments about my personal one. What do you reckon? Are you a Facebook user?? If you fancy following me on Facebook I have three pages (like I said I can never make up my mind which craft to stick to! He he) 
 Crafty What Nots - mystery craft boxes
 Jennysis Crafts  - variety of crafts, tutorials and supplies
 ReJenisis - recycled and upcycled crafts 

Well I hope you have a wonderful week, I'd better get back to designing...deadlines are looming! I will be joining in with handmade Monday as usual so do pop by to find some new wonderful blogs! 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

DIY 3d letters tutorial

Last months Crafty What Nots box was titled Autumn Glory and was full of autumnal wonders as well as a hand decorated wooden initial.
I thought I would share with you lovely people how I made it.

You will need ~ Wooden or card initial, two sheets of coordinating papers, white glue, liquid pearls, scissors and a pencil

Step 1 - Layer your two pages together and lay them face down.  Draw a couple of lines on your paper, you could do a swirl or intricate pattern if you wish.  I went quite simple.

Step 2 - cut along your lines through both sheets of paper at the same time... Be careful that the bottom sheet doesn't slip, if you think it will then why not staple or tape your pages together.

Step 3 - now swap pages over so they alternate.

Step 4 - put liberal amounts of glue on the surface you wish to cover.

Step 5 - Start to place your paper pieces over the letter.

Step 6 - once you have covered the front of your letter turn it upside down and weight it down so that it dries flat.  Once dry cut all access paper away and use a nail file to smarten up the edges.

Step 7 - Use liquid pearls to embellish the joins.

Ta-da! You can give the whole thing a good spray of varnish if you wish.

You could always paint the edges if you wish.

Well I'm off to say hi at Handmade Monday, why not pop by too!


Friday, 2 October 2015

Embossed metal leaves tutorial

This months Crafty What Nots box was called 'Autumn Glory'.  I can't reveal all the contents quite yet as they will hopefully be arriving today and don't want to spoil any surprises.  However!!!!!  I did want to include this little tutorial but thought I would share it with you all too.

Embossed metal leaves
You will need ~ metal sheet, embossing ball tool, ruler, thick card.

Step 1 ~ Place your metal sheet on the card and draw a leaf shape with your embossing ball tool

Step 2 ~ Cut out your leaf.  Unless you are super neat (which I wasn't) you will find that the lines you embossed may not look as neat anymore, so using the flat edge of a ruler try to flatten the metal as much as possible.  Do this both sides.

Step 3 ~ Use your tool to draw patterns on your leaves.  Here are a few I have made.  You can really get creative and if you make a mistake just rub the ruler over and flatten it again!

Step 4 ~ Think of something to do with your leaves!!! Maybe hang them from fishing line or mount them on cards!

Have any of you used metal sheet before??  What have you made?

I'm popping over to say to all the lovelies at handmade Monday,  so pop by and say hi.