Wednesday, 14 October 2015

DIY 3d letters tutorial

Last months Crafty What Nots box was titled Autumn Glory and was full of autumnal wonders as well as a hand decorated wooden initial.
I thought I would share with you lovely people how I made it.

You will need ~ Wooden or card initial, two sheets of coordinating papers, white glue, liquid pearls, scissors and a pencil

Step 1 - Layer your two pages together and lay them face down.  Draw a couple of lines on your paper, you could do a swirl or intricate pattern if you wish.  I went quite simple.

Step 2 - cut along your lines through both sheets of paper at the same time... Be careful that the bottom sheet doesn't slip, if you think it will then why not staple or tape your pages together.

Step 3 - now swap pages over so they alternate.

Step 4 - put liberal amounts of glue on the surface you wish to cover.

Step 5 - Start to place your paper pieces over the letter.

Step 6 - once you have covered the front of your letter turn it upside down and weight it down so that it dries flat.  Once dry cut all access paper away and use a nail file to smarten up the edges.

Step 7 - Use liquid pearls to embellish the joins.

Ta-da! You can give the whole thing a good spray of varnish if you wish.

You could always paint the edges if you wish.

Well I'm off to say hi at Handmade Monday, why not pop by too!



  1. This is a great way to cover these popular letters, I like the liquid pearls to cover the joins, it finishes it off lovely.

  2. Great fun:) My daughter would love the pearls:)

  3. I like how you did this, very clever! Love the wooden letters too, they'd be good for a wedding!

  4. Love the letter can see them for newly weds or in a child's bedroom

  5. It looks great, thanks for sharing