Monday, 12 May 2014

Pyramid card tutorial

Well happy Monday one and all!  And have you been creative this weekend?  I have made a couple of necklaces, but apart from that it has all been family time.

I thought I would kick off this week with a crafty card.

Pyramid card

This card is just so very easy and looks so effective!

1.  Take a 12x12" paper (single sided will be fine with this project.)  I would advise using a thick type.

2. Cut your sheet into four 6x6" squares.

3.  Fold 3 of the squares in half diagonally.  Make sure the folds are crisp.

4.  Place two of the squares like the image above. Now stick in place.

5.  Now attach the third folded square so they look like the above image.

6.  At this point either attach a magnet or velcro strip to the top left corner on the back like above.

7.  Turn your piece over and attach the other magnet or velco in the position indicated above. 

Here is a close up of where the fastening needs to be attached.

8. You should now be able to fold your piece so that it sits up like above.

9.  Now get creative!!!  I used the last piece of paper and a few other coordinating papers to decorate the front.  I stamped Happy birthday on the front and then using my punches I punched out flowers and layered them up.

So you have somewhere to write your message I put a plain panel on one of the other sides of the card.

This card can now be undone and folded flat (possibly not flat enough for a letter thickness I'm afraid but certainly fine for a larger letter if you haven't gone too mad on the embellishments!)

I found 6x6" squares actually created a large card so would recommend trying with 3" or even 4" squares.  The advantages of a bigger card however is you can cover it in many more embellishments!

Nearer Christmas I will hopefully show you how to turn this into a Father Christmas treat box to fill with sweets!

Good luck with this one!


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