Monday, 26 May 2014

Crafty challenge

 Well happy Monday to all you crafty people, and if your not crafty... well lets face it we are all a little creative!  It may not be with paper and card, glitter or fabric but everyone has a bit hidden in there somewhere!  This week I decided to set myself a creative challenge.  I bought this lovely pad of first edition papers and wondered what could I use it for!  I am sure I not alone in this, often I buy things thinking 'I can't live without that'  but when I get it home I am not at all sure what to do with it.  Crucial craft items get saved for a rainy day and end up collecting dust in the ever expanding universe, that is my craft room!

Here is the pad I bought, 'Desert Blooms'  isn't it just gorgeous!

Well my challenge was to see how many things I could create from this one pack!  Here is what I made....What do you think?  

I made a total of 23 items.  I even had a load of scraps left over so I am sure I could have made a few other bits.  

Here are close up's of my creations. 

               1, Smash book                                  2. Note pad                                  3.  Sticky note folder

   4 Box

 5. Handbag gift box

6-11.  5 mini greeting cards in a box

12.  Pyramid card

Here is another view and below is how it looks flat for posting.

13.  Origami box

14.  Exploding box

Inside box and detail.  The inner flowers bounce around as the box is handled!

15.  Mini album.  Once opened it opens out like below and leave space for 4 mini photos, or some journalling.

16.  Box card.  Here it is open.  It can be folded flat so it can be posted.

Folding the box card flat 

17.  Origami mini album

the album opens up to reveal spaces to journal as well as tabs for photos.

18.  Origami secret note.  Here it is totally folded and secure

open the first layer to reveal a pattern

open it further to reveal the secret note!

19.  Treat pouch.  I didn't take a close up pic of this one or 20-23 heart keyrings.  The keyrings are the only thing that weren't quite finished but I was far too impatient to take a photo and blog!

Below is all the paper I have left!  There are 3 full sheets in there and the rest is mainly just scraps. 

Anyone fancy a challenge like this??? 


  1. I think you've done a great job, all the little things you've made are lovely

    1. Thank you Trace, I am so pleased with them. xx

  2. What a fabulous challenge you've set yourself! You've created loads of lovely items from just that pack.

    1. Thanks Lucy. It's funny how I become more creative when I challenge myself like this. I love to get the most from a product too!!!

  3. Golly you are clever, and very creative! Well done, hope to see the key rings too.

    1. Hi Dorothy,
      Keyrings are next to get finished! So glad you liked the other bits. Will post the keyring tutorial soon. xx

  4. well done- so many pretty items :) love the exploding box!

    1. Thsnks Jenny, I have done an exploding box tutorial if you fancy a go. Keep trying to work out if I could sell them but just have no idea how to send them! xx

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  6. They are all so clever and cute!

    1. Thank you hon, I am really pleased with them .... I expect you can tell xx