Tuesday, 13 May 2014

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I thought maybe I should space out my tutorials!  Give you something different to look at.  I just made a sale through my Etsy shop for another bag of story stones!  I am soooooo excited!  So thought I would share some story stones I have created in the past!
I started creating story stones after watching a lovely friend of mine paint patterns on stones, a result of some serious Pinterest action I belive!  I thought it looked relaxing so with laptop in hand I searched for some inspiration!  I created a few stones, but this little pile really were the best of a bad bunch!

I thought in the spirit of reusing and recycling I would try to reuse these pebbles but the ink I had used seemed to go through every layer of paint I tried! quite amazing!   I used acrylics, which on the whole were great but it is worth buying good ones, these ones had some great colours and some not so great ones!  the yellows for example had to be mixed with white or they were impossible to see!

My budding pinterest/story stone friend spotted some Gruffalo stones that someone had created and wondered if I could do the same.  I gave it a go and was thrilled with the results! I have done 3 sets of these for friends now!

While on the fantastic journey with the Gruffalo I thought I would give another fav book a go....'Room on the Broom!'  I made these for my sister for her birthday.  I was soooooooooooooo pleased with them and thankfully so was she! 

There are 9 stones in all but if you turn the broomstick over you get a picture of the 'TRULY MAGNIFICENT BROOM!'  

I have also tried 'Sharing a shell' and a 'In the night Garden' set (sorry can't find pictures!)

As much as I loved doing the story stones I felt I couldn't sell them due to copyright issues.  I am still not sure where I stand on this front.   I noticed on Etsy and Folksy people sell items related to both these books, some very impressive, but really not certain on whether you can legally make money from someone elses designs in such a way.  

So thinking on these lines I decided the only way to really feel guilt free about selling my stones was to create my own illustrations!

This is set 1.  They are all double sided.  I also supply a book of ideas to get things going.  We have had a selection of stones of the table for ages and after family dinners we play all sorts of games with them! 

I really think Story stones are suitable or all ages and abilities!  My youngest likes to walk around the house with them while my oldest will create stories!

I am just about to launch set 2 as well as a teaching set for a whole class.  I will post here once I have done them so you can see.

Finally on the Story stone front I have created sing-a-long singing stones!  I took these for a test drive to a friendly childminder who let me sing to her group of children!  It is always good to give these things a go!  I have written an ideas book for these too and selling them in my Etsy shop.

Well I guess it is back to the day job after an extended lunch (slapped wrists) due to writing this!

Happy crafting out there! hope it brightens up your day!
  I am joining in with Serenity now's weekend bloggy reading!  do pop by and say hi to some fab bloggers!


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