Friday, 9 May 2014

Mini carousel scrapbook tutorial

Well last tutorial for the week! 

Mini carousel scrapbook

This adorable carousel scrapbook closes to a small book.  When open each of the four sections contains space for a tag, journelling and a photo.  You can even tie it when open.

1.  I started with two sheets of 12x12" scrapbook papers.  These are only one sided but Double sided would look better when it comes to the front and back covers.  You will nee to cut both sheets into 4 6x6" squares.

2.  Take two sheets from each design and put the remaining sheets to one side.  You will need these later.  Next step is to fold one of your sheets in half.  Make sure you score each fold well.

3.  Open the fold and now fold in half in the other direction.  You should now have 4 sections.

4.  Cut along one of the folds.

5.  You need to score and fold a diagonal line from the centre to the outer point of one of the squares. See diagram to make sure you get the right square.

6.  Lay your paper with the fold pointing to your right like the diagram.  You can at this point cut off a section of the furthest square away from the fold.  (This will create a pocket to slot a tab into) 

7.  Attach double sided tape to the back of the section you just cut off (if you did!) and attach this to the next square along.  When you position the tape keep it to the edges and not across the diagonal.  This will insure that you have a pocket available.

8. Repeat with the last three squares of paper. 

9.  Attach each of the four folded sections you have created together.  Make sure you do not join two of them however as this will be your opening.

10.  Here I punched holes in the two end pieces.  I wish I hadn't at this point however as I had to alter my embellishments.  I thought I would still put this in at this stage however so you could see it is the order I did.

11.  Next I attached ribbons to the holes.  These will keep the book open or closed as needed.

12.  Lastly get stuck in!  Get that creativity flowing and start to make it your own.  I added a few panels using plain cream card and some of my dis-guarded sheets I put aside earlier.

Added a few flowers and some tags to go in the pockets.

As I only used one sided paper I added a strip of my left over paper around the outside to hide the back joins and cover some of the white.  At this point I wished I had used double sided paper so there wasn't such a glaring white mass taunting me so much!

Here is my final book.  It is 3x3" and when opened covers a space of 6x6".  I have created several of these using 12x12" papers which I personally prefer, there is much more journalling space with a larger book.

Anyhow why not have a go!  


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