Sunday, 28 September 2014

Button Doodle Cards tutorial

Just a little tutorial for you lovely guys this week.  I have been making some little button doodle cards and thought I would share how.  

I used 3x3" card blanks as I had quite little buttons.  I started by sticking a couple of buttons onto my card front. I used glue dots but I have also sewn them in place before and that looks fab too! (I was just being impatient to get to the doodling bit today!) 

Next step ..... DOODLE!  (told you this was a little tutorial!)

I doodled my buttons into flowers.  I also did a few as birds which you may spot below.

Here are just a few of my afternoons creations!  You can see that some cards I only used 1 button and on others I used 3.  I tried to make all my flowers a little different. 

Well off for a quick dip at handmade harbour before an early night ready to get packing up my 'Crafty What Nots' boxes ready for posting!  Yeah!


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Craftea afternoons and subscription boxes

Craftea Afternoon

This month I am running 'Exploding Box' workshops.  Here are some lovely crafty ladies being down right creative!  We spent nearly 3 hours making boxes, eating cake and drinking tea  (hence the 'tea' bit in 'craftea'! 

Here is one of the boxes in progress.  

We used the 'Floral Pavilion' papers

Everyone was so pleased with their boxes!  

Despite spending a great deal of time trying to organise myself for the workshop I have also been doing lots of preparation for my new venture.  Big thanks to the lovely bloggers who contacted me about helping out.

I keep umming and arring about blogging about what I am up to!  I don't want to reveal too much in case it all goes terribly wrong!  On the other hand I would like to gauge some reactions I think!  

If you would like to make your own there is a tutorial here as well as some inspiration for other designs xx 

Crafty What Not's!

'Crafty What Not's' are going to be monthly subscription boxes filled with crafty goodies.  Each box will contain a few different crafty projects as well as an inspiration sheets to suggest ideas for using your materials as well as instructions for certain projects if you wish to follow them.  
Above all however, each month will be a surprise, and who doesn't love the idea of surprises? especially when they are crafty!  The only thing you might find out in advance is the name of the box.

The first 'Crafty What Not's' box is called 'Floral Pavilion' and will only be sent out to a few bloggers to review.  I have only a couple left if anyone would be interested in helping out.  It won't cost you a penny, all I need in return is your opinion.  You are welcome to review it on your blog or any other social media (even if you don't like it).  If you would like to join in then please do contact me below.

First boxes go out on the 1st October so I have been busy putting them together.  My biggest problem is not putting too much in each one!  Just too many ideas!

Well better be off to enjoy the sunshine as we never know quite how long it will be around for!

Will be linking up with Handmade Harbour.


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Floating charm lockets

Nearly missed!  I try to blog at least once a week and usually just in time to pop over to visit Handmade harbour.

   I am thinking there is a general conspiracy! The weeks are getting shorter and no one told us!  I know we go through the motions on the relevant days of the week but I am beginning to think that time is getting shorter... oh no, maybe it is just running out and it is somehow being used sparingly?!?  Whatever the reason is, there just isn't enough of it!  I have managed a few crafty endeavours this week.  I got a delivery of these wonderful floating charm lockets!  I just love all the little charms and how each locket can tell such a story!  I bought these to make in to Christmas presents.  What do you think?  I did wonder about selling them too, but not sure if it is a fad or not!  

I added my own charms to this bracelet!

I really love this one!  Just right for a Princess!

In other crafty news!  I need your help!  I was wondering if any of you lovely bloggers would like to review a new product I am going to be launching soon?  It won't cost you a penny just your opinions and a little time to experiment.  Oh and it is most certainly CRAFTY related!  I have space for 10 extra reviewers so please do let me know if you would like to know more.  If you decide to join in then you are more than welcome to blog about it as much as you like! (even if you don't like it)

Anyhow, hope you have a wonderful week (let's hope they add a few crafting hours!)


Saturday, 6 September 2014

Once upon a story stone - teachers packs

Well the last few weeks have been slightly crazy! I have been finishing off an order for 3 teacher sets of story stones, that's 90 pebbles, 180 images, 3 instruction booklets and 15 bags!

Here is one of the sets, all labelled and ready to go!

I am thrilled with the results but it has been quite the task!  I usually sew my own drawstring bags from fabric scraps but the thought of doing 15 was...well...very stressful! I decided to buy in some plain bags and then dye them myself.  Have you tried using the handwash dylon dyes???? Little tip...when they say wear! and wear them all the time!  I had multi coloured hands as I only wore mine for parts of the process.  After creating my bags I ironed on my logo and the class names so the bags didn't get all muddled.

I draw each image myself, then colour and cut out before attaching to each pebble.  It has take some time to get to this technique with many a failed pebble to prove it!  I even tried stream lining the production by scanning completed images and printing off copies but they never looked as good.

Anyhow, after great lengths they are finally done and ready to go to their new homes.

I have found these school holidays to have been soooooo long!  It has been quite the juggling act to manage kids, work and crafting but I think I may have made it...just...and with a few grey hairs too I expect!  Here are a few of my recent makes.

As always I will be popping round to Handmade harbour for a peek  at some wonderful blogs!


I am also popping round to sewlicioushomedecor.