Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Floating charm lockets

Nearly missed!  I try to blog at least once a week and usually just in time to pop over to visit Handmade harbour.

   I am thinking there is a general conspiracy! The weeks are getting shorter and no one told us!  I know we go through the motions on the relevant days of the week but I am beginning to think that time is getting shorter... oh no, maybe it is just running out and it is somehow being used sparingly?!?  Whatever the reason is, there just isn't enough of it!  I have managed a few crafty endeavours this week.  I got a delivery of these wonderful floating charm lockets!  I just love all the little charms and how each locket can tell such a story!  I bought these to make in to Christmas presents.  What do you think?  I did wonder about selling them too, but not sure if it is a fad or not!  

I added my own charms to this bracelet!

I really love this one!  Just right for a Princess!

In other crafty news!  I need your help!  I was wondering if any of you lovely bloggers would like to review a new product I am going to be launching soon?  It won't cost you a penny just your opinions and a little time to experiment.  Oh and it is most certainly CRAFTY related!  I have space for 10 extra reviewers so please do let me know if you would like to know more.  If you decide to join in then you are more than welcome to blog about it as much as you like! (even if you don't like it)

Anyhow, hope you have a wonderful week (let's hope they add a few crafting hours!)



  1. I love the floating charms, they are a lovely idea. I think people might like to buy them - can they choose which charms go in them? I'd be happy to test something for you if you like.

    1. Hi honey. You can put whatever charms in you like! There are just so many to choose from. there are letters, numbers, birthstones, flowers, pets, hobbies... the list seems almost endless! I just chose the ones I thought would suit the people I am giving them too (I haven't included them all or even put them with their future combos so as not to give the game away!) My daughter is a total dog lover so she has a dog plate with a mini dog.

      Will message you about project. Would totally love your help. Thank you xx