Monday, 23 May 2016

Trying to be a good parent ~ The crafty way #3

This weekend I have been super busy getting creative! I thought I would share with you my first creation.

In order to keep Lucy in the living room I created this little barricade.  I needed it to be low enough for Emily to climb over but high enough that the baby couldn't escape and also noticeable enough so us adults, in our dazed state didn't go tripping over it!

The board lifts into place and sits in the gap where the door opens (by the hinges, this helps keep the door open as well so no squished fingers!)  the other side I fixed a scrap bit of wood to the door sill.

The first thing I did after cutting the board to size was to cover it in white tissue paper and use wide tape around all the edges.  I used a 3d glue to draw the flowers.  I was very liberal with it so that it gave it lots of texture. once dried you could feel all the petals and stems.  Very tactile!

Next I grabbed my new Dylusion paints and started to add colour. I actually quite liked it at this stage.  The tissue paper gave the background such a wonderful colour.  You can see the black lines leaving a bit of shadow here now they have been painted over.

I got busy painting the flowers, trying to keep things bold and fun.  Once I had finished with the colour I added some glossy accents to highlight some of the petals and add even more texture.

Now for the fun bit! I cut out petal shapes and glued them to one of the flowers then added a round mirror to the middle (found in the range) I went round the edge of the mirror with washi tape before gluing just to make sure the edges were as safe as possible.  I added buttons to flower middles (using nails to secure them) and added those fun (yet very noisy) door stops.  I also upcycled a pair of old jeans to create a cushioned ridge along the top.

Hey presto, all finished.  Now add children and away you go (honestly I could escape into another room!)

What have you been up to this week?  I have another couple of exciting parenting type posts lined up, one about reward charts and the other about how to make an outdoor abacus so don't forget to follow me so you don't miss out!

I will be popping by Homemade Monday as usual as well as Creative Monday so why not come and say hi!

Jenny xx 

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Embossing metal

This week I have been working on a couple of new kit boxes.  Do you remember, back in October, I posted a tutorial on how to create an embossed metal leaves? No (it was a while back, so here is the link to refresh your memory) Well it was so successful I decided to run a workshop.  We created some gorgeous metal embossed coasters! (I typically forgot to take a photo of everyone's coaster!)

I thought, as I often do, hey! I know what I'll make these into a kit!
So the latest crafty kit was born.

I still have a few stickers to create and a button for my website but otherwise they are almost ready to go! The price for this kit box is £20.  You get everything you need to create 4 beautiful coasters.  
Set includes ~ 
4 coaster blanks
4 cork backs
4 squares of two toned metal sheet
Practise metal sheet pieces
Embossing tools
Acrylic block
Ink pad
Instructions and inspiration

metal embossing coaster kit

The Kits will be available very soon on but if you wish to put your name down now and reserve one of the first boxes do let me know.
I will also be creating kits for you to use in your own workshops so please do let me know if you fancy more info.

I have been really enjoying preparing this box and renewing my love of metal work.  Here are some metal doodles I've been creating to practise my skills. (it's v addictive!)

I think I am going to be doing a lot more, I'm totally addicted!

Well I'm off to see what some other crafty bloggers have been up to.

Bye for now, maybe see you over at Handmade Monday

Jen xx

Monday, 9 May 2016

May Day - Crafty What Nots unboxing

It's that time of the month again to show you what exciting goodies were inside May's mystery box!
Here is a little video of me unboxing it (I can never get used to doing the talking on these things).  The theme (as you may have guessed) was May Day.  As always there were two crafty kits inside.  One to make a decoupaged peg board and the other to learn the basics of Iris folding. I really loved the papers in this box.  I don't normally care for the vintage theme if I'm honest but these were so great and there was so much to make with them.

This months handmade gift was a decorated ruler, mechanical pencil and a rubber.  

My problems I faced with this box were primarily glue.  I always include whatever glues or sticky items you might need and this box needed a roll of sticky tape as well as glue.  I had run out of all my little glue pots and if I'm honest they wouldn't have been big enough so I tried something new!

I sealed the end of an extra wide straw (thanks IKEA) and then filled with glue (Mod Podge is by far my fav!) ad then sealed the other end up! perfect and it is amazing how much I got in there!

The next box theme is 'My Guy' perfect for those crafting for a man in their lives, although if you don't or would rather just craft for yourself then this box is perfect as one of the tutorials is a little upcycling Jewellery kit!
Here is a little peek

sneak peek, upcycled jewellery project

Order books for June's box close on the 15th so if you fancy trying a box out (with no obligation at all) then visit and click the 'buy me' tab 

I am also on the look out for promoters.  If you have a good two of either facebook, instagram, blog, twitter and would be interested in testing and promoting a box please do let me know either below or drop me an email at  I am happy to welcome overseas testers.

Have a fab week and do pop by Handmade Monday and Creative Monday to visit a few new blogs and read some familiar ones! 

Monday, 2 May 2016

Trying to be a Good Parent - The Crafty Way #2

I thought it was about time I show you another of my 'crafty' parenting tricks.  If you missed #1 then pop by and see my 'well done' wall here.

I don't know about you but I love lists, particularly ones that are useful and I can see at a glance!  I had this unsightly door in my kitchen that I really felt needed a makeover!

I popped to our local DIY shop and bought a tin of blackboard paint (it is cheaper online but I wanted to use it straight away and patience is not one of my strong points!) This one is actually magnetic, don't get too excited though, it only really works for really large light magnets!

I took the door off it's hinges, lay it on the table and got to covering it in gloopy black paint! If your thinking of doing this use a roller, nothing worse that brush strokes!

Once I had done a few coats and it was all dry I rehung the door (it was a very light door thankfully) and got to work with my chalk pen.

Here is the finished door.

The door has evolved over time as we have got used to it.  It started as just a to-do list and shopping list.  I added 4 circles more recently so we could show how we are feeling, it;s a good way for my middle one to explain her emotions.  (she drew daddy's emotion yesterday, he has three noses or rather to be exact two nostrils and a nose!)

We are also doing a parenting course (as I know I mentioned before) and one thing we had to do was devise some house rules.  This actually resulted in many arguments so in the end we settled with the simple 'We take care of people and things'.
The lowest section is a picture frame for the kids to draw in. (it's the most accessible area for them)
I am sure it will be filled with works of chalking genius in no time.

The thing I love most about this board is shopping list.  I know I can't take it with me, I don't have a big enough bag! All I do is take a photo of the shopping part of the door and hey presto I have my list to go without wasting paper!  The shopping list is always kept up to date as we add to it whenever things are out or low.

A word on chalks! I used this chalk pen from Dovecraft to do all the things that I wanted to remain relatively permanent.  It is so smooth to write with and you can easily wipe over to remove normal chalk marks without this being rubbed away!  I have a bowl of normal chalks near the board so we can always add the to board and rub away as needed.

I actually have a few of these pens in stock as my wholesaler requires minimum ordering so if you are interested in one you can buy one here.  The price is reduced down to £2 but I only have 5 left.

I am desperate to for other things to cover in blackboard paint now! 

I am off to share my blog over at Handmade Monday and Creative Mondays, do feel free to pop over and see a few great blogs!

Jenny xxx