Thursday, 8 May 2014

Paper cutting tutorial

Happy Thursday everyone...I know it is a bit late in the day but I have been busy having a go at paper cutting.  It took much longer than I thought.

I fell in love with paper cutting a while ago after reading an article in Craft seller.  It is just so beautiful I just had to have a go.  A few days ago I bought a swivel blade, hopefully just right for the job!  I have pondered for a few days how best to go about this project.  I hadn't found any tutorials online so I had to think outside the box on this one.  Here is how I did it! 

1.  Draw a frame shape.  I drew a circle but any shape would do.  I drew it in a thick felt tip pen.  This will help later on.

2.  Stamp some stamps or draws patterns in the frame.  I have some stamps I got free from a magazine last year so I used these.  Make sure the images touch each other as often as possible and overlap the frame.

3.  Now use the thick pen you used for the frame and draw around all the shapes.  By using the thick pen you are automatically creating the guidelines in which you will be cutting later on.  If you have any larger gaps you could add extra pattern.  I put in some swirls.   Notice that all the red lines stop at the edge of the frame.

4.  Here is a close up of the design. 
5.  Now you need to carefully cut around the red lines.  DO NOT cross any of them.  Your aim is to cut away all the white so all you are left with is the red lines.

6.  Once all the white has gone within the frame turn your design over and...hooray! 

Now over to you! let's see what you can do... go on.. dare ya!

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