Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Smash book tutorial

Well after all the excitement with my last post I really didn't know what to write today.  I decided to give you more of a sneaky peak at my smash book.  The book itself is 7" x 6"  which is lovely size, usually I create books a little bigger but due to the constraints of the 8x8" paper size I had chosen I had to compromise.

Smash Book

I firstly started off by cutting all my pages to the size I wanted.  All but 2 of these sheets are double sided, this saves on paper ultimately so you don't need to double your paper in order to make them double sided.
I saved all the offcuts from my paper, I used these later on to decorate my book.

On the two pieces that were single sided I cut a semi circle in the top.  I then attached double sided tape down the two sides and along the bottom and stuck each one to another sheet of paper.  This makes a pocket and the semi circle helps you to pull out a tab or whatever you have decided to put in there.

I cut out various sized shaped from 1 sheet of cream card, these will be used to journal later on or to stick photos to.

Here are all my pages decorated!  I had put journalling squares on most of the pages and a couple of narrow strips and then jazzed them up with some beautiful flowers.

Next I created my front and back covers, These were made by cutting some thick card a little larger than my paper and then covering them with paper.  I then added a journal square and some flowers!

Lastly I put them all in the order I wanted and ran them through my 'Bind it all', You could just punch your own holes in and thread through them or put in rings.

All I need to do now is fill it with wonderful memories!


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