Monday, 28 July 2014

Everyone needs a notebook!!

Well I have been busy making all sorts of stationary this week so thought I would show them off!  I am really pleased with them.

These little A6 notebooks contain 40 lined pages and 4 feature pages.  Covers are decorated in some of my favourite papers from the First Edition ranges.  

I have also made my own order book!  I can't wait to fill this one! I spent ages looking for an order book and just couldn't find what I wanted to made my own!!!
 Each page is custom made with my logo and I can use carbon paper if I wish to duplicate the sheets.  I found lining all the pages up took a while!

My order book is A5 so a perfect size!  

I love the paper's I used for this one!  They are from the 'New Bloom' range.

My last creations were these magnetic shopping lists!

What do you think???

I have also done a lovely papercut!  but it's a present so don't want to show it yet!

I will be popping over to Handmade harbour to get my weekly fix of fab blogs!

Hope you have a fab week





  1. These are beautiful notebooks you have created. I love all the designs. Very nice!

    1. Thank you so much! I am busy making loads, there are just so many papers I love and there is never not a need for a new notebook! he he! xx

  2. They are lovely, I particularly like the wording on the note books.

    1. Thank you Vicky, I wondered if it might be a little silly but I love playing around with words so thought it would be fun! xx

  3. Lovely books, particularly the order book.