Sunday, 1 June 2014

Smashing Fun! Paper cuts and books!

What a week!

Well it has been a crafty week!  I have made wooden and also recycled keyrings, taught a friend to make a box, tried paper cutting again and done lots of Smash booking!  Oh and created a teachers set of story stones.  (It has been busy, not sure where the energy came from, just hope it lasts)

I thought I would quickly show you my little paper cut.  I am so pleased with it, mainly because I didn't make any mistakes and that I didn't try to challenge myself too far which has been part of my down fall in the past I think.  Any how, what you do you reckon?  I love it in black, that may be my new thing!

I don't know if you remember my big crafty challenge last week, but I made a smashbook in the process and even gave a tutorial on how to make it.  Well I thought I should use it, so I made a start filling it with memories from our recent adventure to Scotland.  We only stayed a couple of days, but did do a lot.  I thought I would give you a sneaky peak at some of the pages I have done.  I haven't done any journalling yet but I have managed to sort out photos and memorabilia from our visits.


Hope you can see the layouts alright, I have filled the book.  The thing I particularity like about Smashbooking is that there are just no rules!  I used to love to scrapbook, but it would take hours to decide on layouts and colours and embellishments to go with them etc.
Smash books are just fab!  

I know I am using a brand name here and I am using my own book, does this matter?  I am not sure.  There are several different type of journalling book like these, Smash is one, La de dah another and even Stampin up have jumped on the wagon and created their own.  I love all the accessories that go with these but to be honest I love making the books and using them, They are far more personalised.  My other bug bear with the commercial book, is that often you like the page picture so much, you don't want to put anything on it.  No matter what you would call it, the thing that is clear is that it is exactly how scrapbooking used to be, before the posh papers and special albums.  Scrapbooking has evolved and is now a no holes barred, no rules way of sticking memories or interesting items collected on your journey through life into a book quickly.

If you are interested in starting having a go at journalling like this then I found loads of videos online, there are lots of images to see on Pinterest, I even have a board all about it so feel free to pop by and have a browse.

Well I think maybe I have gone on enough and am off to go and see what wonders are to be found at Handmade Harbour (my fav Sun/Mon hangout!)  Hope to see you there.



  1. You naughty girl - I've just found your Pinterest site and am going to while away a lot of time there!! I reckon your paper cutting is great - my hand would never be that steady. I also love the smash book. Have a great week, Chris x

  2. Pinterest is def my secret obsession (well it was before I posted it here!) I so love it. I have a few group boards which I share with friends so we can send ideas to each other.

    Thanks so much about the paper cutting, I was all set to give up but really pleased with this one! The power of the crafting community keeping me going there I think.

    Hope you have a lovely week too xx

  3. Your papercut is amazing, I could never have such a steady hand.

    1. Thanks Lucy Blossom. My hand isn't too steady and my patience not that good but funnily enough it isn't too bad with the cutting. I used a swivel blade rather than a standard one. I did get an achy hand tho after a while, kept trying to put too much pressure on. xx

  4. I love your papercut, I tried it myself for the first time last weekend. What a great craft! I'm on the lookout now for more inspiration, so I'm pinning yours immediately!

    1. Thanks Julia! Very excited to be inspiring! I was very much set to give up to be honest but I really enjoyed doing this one. Good luck with your next one. I was very inspired by the lovely she did a guest blog for someone and there was a free template give away so may be somewhere to look. xxx

  5. Your paper cutting turned out lovely. I love the black color against the green background. It makes it very light and spring like.