Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Whatever Wednesday ~ Fishy

Well whatever have you been up to?? 
Just a short one from me today, I thought I would share a few snaps from our little adventure at the weekend!  
Since getting a season ticket for our local sealife centre we have been nearly every weekend, although this weekends reason was because my eldest wanted to go on all the rides that now seem to be open.  

Here she is stroking a starfish!  One thing that is lovely is the interactive rockpool, not interactive like on a pc but good old fashioned, proper interactive, ie getting her hands wet! (isn't it funny how words change their meanings a little in this new techy society!).  

I remember a few years ago the sealife centre visited a preschool I was running, they bought a bath like tank filled with wonderful sea creatures.  It really was quite the experience and apparently it is still something they offer.  So if you have a centre near you it might be worth suggesting your local school or group contacts them to see if they offer the service near you!

On our way out we couldn't resist a quick photo in the giant lego shark.  Here are my girls posing!  strangely enough, climbing inside a large shark with red blood like bricks round the mouth didn't phase my youngest at all!  (lets hope she never actually tries this with a real one!)

Generally I would have said ...'avoid the sealife center, it's far too expensive' (true the day tickets really are costly!) but we were lucky to get a local offer and saved over £40 for the three season tickets and so far we have been 4 times (that's saved us nearly double what we paid) I am now converted tho! We have had so much value from our visits and see something new each time.  
I always thought the cafe was expensive but our cards offer us 20% discount on drinks.  I still won't buy things in the gift shop, even with a discount!  

Over all I am now a huge fan! 
If you don't decide to go a season ticket route I have in the past found fab deals online and I discovered a while back that if you go really late in the day they often just let you in if you just buy a guide book.  It's worth looking around!! 

Do you like to visit the same places? I just love season tickets, there is far less pressure to go for a full day! Just a few hours makes somewhere fresh and exciting rather than feeling you have to get every penny's worth of your visit and slogging out a whole day regardless of how busy it is or even how the weather turns out! 

Well I'm going to leave a linky in case any of you lovely bloggers wish to share something you have been up to this week, doesn't matter what it is (or it wouldn't be whatever Wednesday!!)

Hope you have a lovely week and pop back for Happy Friday and Handmade Monday


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