Monday, 9 March 2015

A little Easter Preparation!

This year is going ever so fast isn't it!  I am realising that I am, already, too late to start selling items for Easter that are custom made.  I never know when to start with these things, it seams that crafters advertise Christmas stock for months but as soon as it is gone what next??  Valentines, Mother's day then Easter!  (there is no rest!) but then, with the exception of Fathers day there is a crafty season lul until Christmas again (Halloween is a funny one, people don't give cards or presents so I never really craft for this season)

I have been very fortunate to receive a few custom orders recently as well as the normal Crafty What Nots orders.  I haven't actually launched my One-off boxes yet but I am surprising getting orders for them! The nice things about these boxes is that they are personal to the individual and also I can share progress shots with the customer so I know they are happy beforehand.  

Here is a collage of one of the Mother's day boxes.  There is much more in the box but I don't want to spoil it just in case any of them read my blog!

Another One-off box I have been working on has been for a 3yr old.  So far it is full of spring crafty goodies but I have also been making a colouring book for her.   Here is a little collage of some of the drawings!  What do you think?  I did wonder about making up a few to sell before Easter with a set of crayons (too many ideas!!)

Just a reminder to all you Crafty What Nots fans that next months box orders are due to close on the 15th March.  I'm loving the papers already!!

It feels like my world has been consumed with Crafty Boxes, I am sorry if it becomes a little tedious but I get so excited about them! 

In order to bring a little happiness to my facebook followers I have invented a new game!  It's called Crafty What-bats and is something I used to do a lot as a child.  Here is an example! Each What-bat reveals the name of a page who has interacted and joined in with my page!  (Ooo perhaps I should do one for my blog too!)  It's a great way to share pages and fun too!

Can you guess the name of this page?
Lastly I just want to thank those of you who entered my giveaway on Friday. I collated all the entrants from Facebook, Instagram and my blog and the winner was Emma Gray from FB land.  Here are the images I posted to show how I picked the winner.

Well I had better stop and go and do some tidying!! Argggh!
I will be stopping by Handmade Monday as always!

Have a lovely week and hopefully see you back here for Whatever Wednesday and Happy Friday!



  1. I'm so pleased your boxes have been such a success. I really loved my first one. I think the pictures for the colouring pages look great.

    1. Thank you Vickie. I do love making them! Glad you think the pictures are alright, sometimes I worry my ideas will exceed my ability! (in a lot of cases they do! lol) xx

  2. Well done on your boxes. It is hard and I normally work approx 4 months ahead for events if not longer before.

    1. I am just so disorganised! I think I hate seeing stuff in the shops months ahead of the events so I assume everyone else is like that lol. I am going to set myself a diary and really plan this year I think! xx

  3. Aww i love the drawings for the colouring in book and your Mother's Day box looks like its full of lovely treasures. It is hard to keep up with the crafters calendar isn't it, i suppose we should all be thinking of Christmas again soon but i'm not sure i can bare to! x

    1. Scary isn't it! I was so annoyed that the shops were starting to get it all in when the kids went back to school after the summer holidays. It used to put me off Christmas so much as a child as I had just been Christmassed out by the time it even reached December! But I need to think as a crafter now so better plans for this year I think! xx