Monday, 2 March 2015

Felting Easter Egg tutorial

Well after a busy packing week I thought I would just share a little Eastery craft with you.  This lovely egg took me a couple of hours to make (maybe cz I had tv on in the background...btw I don't recomend watching anything other than the needle when it comes to felting!!!)

I started with a polystyrene egg, some wool and a felting needle.

I didn't draw a pattern like my last felting project, instead I just felted where I felt like! he he! 

As you can see I like swirls!  I then added other colours.  Don't over work your felt!  The more you stab the needle in the more bruised the egg becomes and it becomes squishy. (mind you wouldn't you!)

Here is my finished egg!

I hope you feel all felting inspired!  I think I will thread a ribbon through the middle  of this one and hang several around the house!  The Easter bunny will want to visit!!!

I'm popping along to join in with Handmade Monday so do pop round and say hi! 


  1. Very pretty and intricate, I love the swirl effect. Popping by from Handmade Monday

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love them too! So fun! Next I need to create loads more I think! I want a whole tree full (not sure there are enough hours in the day tho!!)

  2. Oh its so pretty! Great colours, it will make the loveliest Easter decoration :) x

  3. It's really sweet and I'm sure stabbing things repeatedly is very therapeutic.

  4. So pretty and the colours look so effective