Friday, 20 March 2015

Happy Spring Friday

It's funny, but up until this week I hadn't really felt warmth in the air.  The bulbs have been flowering on and off but other flowers are starting to emerge, especially blossoms, Now it really does feel spring like!

This week I have been making a few trips to buy plants.  The garden has been very abandoned for a few years and although each year I try to do a little I never seem to make much of a difference.  This year I think I am nesting! With only 3 and a bit months to go I keep busying around trying to make things look nice.  I also want my youngest to be out the house more and as she is now 2 I figure the garden should become a safer place for her to wander in and out of when the weather improves more.

Since a child I have loved pinks and I bought this adorable one to pot up. We did it together... actually I planted and she waved the watering can around but I like to think of it as a team effort!

Another thing that made me a happy this week has been getting stuck into some illustrating which I was asked to do ages ago for a very talented poet. I hope she won't mind me sharing these pics to see what you think!

Two older ladies who are distinctly young at heart having fun on the beach!

If you missed my decoupage tutorial do pop back and see what you think! I've really enjoyed decoupaging this week, glue and paper everywhere but what craft is fun when there isn't a little mess??

Well I am off to link with Planet Penny and Happy Friday, hope you can pop round too and see what else people have been up to! 


  1. It definitely feels Spring like here at the moment - not so much this morning though; we had total cloud cover for the eclipse! I love your beautiful illustrations - they make me want to go to the beach, build a sand castle and have an ice-cream. Wishing you a fun-filled weekend. x

  2. I hope your garden grows well not that spring has arrived. We just got over having a heat wave here in southern California. It reached 90 degrees and it's only March. I love your illustrations - how adorable. Have a great weekend.

  3. Yes, it's definitely been getting warmer in the daytime, once the sun comes out but still been pretty chilly at night. I'm loving your illustrations, by the way x

  4. It's very springlike here today, really uplifting for the spirits. I adore pinks, the smell is beautiful. Thanks for joining in with Happy Friday Pennyx (Planet Penny)