Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Whatever Wednesday 2

Welcome one and all to another Whatever Wednesday!  mmm now whatever could I show you today? This week we popped back to our local sealife centre.  We have decided that on a wet day it is such a great place to go.  As we have been a few times recently, I didn't feel the urge to take too many photos but this beautiful weedy sea dragon was just far too irresistible swimming sedately around the tank!

We would have spent ages here if we didn't have a little person desperate to see how quickly she could get out of the building! (It's amazing how short a 2 year olds attention span can be isn't it!)

Still I managed to snap some lovely pics.  He (or maybe she, but as it was a nursing tank and the males tend to look after the babies I assumed it was a male) was so stunning!

In other news this week I have been busy creating one-off Crafty What Nots boxes and Whatever boxes.  I have also been busy playing on a new app on my phone designed to create little movies from your pictures.  so I will leave you with my first blogged video about the 'Whatever' Boxes!  I will also add a linky in case you fancy linking up any of your recent blog posts!  the only criteria is there isn't any! Well isn't that what Whatever Wednesday is all about???

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