Monday, 6 October 2014

Tissue paper Pom-Pom tutorial

Just thought I would pop this little tutorial on.  I was having an experiment the other night to see what I could make from some tissue paper!  I made these gorgeous paper pom-poms!

First you will need a standard sheet of tissue paper, some string or twine and scissors.  An ink pad is optional.

Step 1 - I used half the sheet of tissue paper, so cut in half and put the other half aside.  First off you need to fold your tissue paper in half width ways

Step 2 - fold in half again

Step 3 - Fold in half again!

Step 4 - now fold your tissue paper the other way to make a smallish rectangle

Step 5 - you now need to concertina fold your tissue paper up, each fold should be between 1-2cm

Step 6 - Tie your thread around the middle of your tissue paper.  It doesn't need to be too tight as it will easily hold it's shape later on.

Step 7 - Cut the ends into points like below

Step 8 - Gently open out one side of your concertina and ease one layer back towards the middle (this can be quite tricky.  Don't worry too much if is tears as this shouldn't be too noticeable.


Step 9 turn your piece over and repeat on the other side.  Reapeat this until one half of your concertina is fully opened up

Step 10 - Now repeat on the other side, making your pom-pom.  If you used ink you should be able to see a coloured tinge to the edges.  Unfortunately for my demo I used a really light colour which didn't show up too well.  I tried with a darker one and that worked far better.

I think I may make pom-poms from all my tissue paper now!  I love ideas for recycling packaging.  No shoe box will be safe!



  1. What a great idea, I'm determined to make as many things as I can from my crafty wotnots box and now I know what to use the tissue paper for!

  2. Thanks Vickie. I knew I wanted people to be able to use the packaging but wasn't sure what to suggest for the tissue paper until I remembered this! I remember making them from toilet tissue for a carnival float many moos ago! we made hundreds! xx

  3. thats a quick and easy way to make a pretty pom pom. Thanks for the tutorial. Would look lovely in other colours as well.

    1. Thank you honey. I did try adding ink to the edges which is really pretty but better in darker shades. Think I may need to find some nice bright coloured tissue papers and make some pom-pom bunting! Might even try some super big ones! xx

  4. Very, very cute, thanks for sharing x