Sunday, 19 October 2014

3d pop up flower tutorial

Well Hi-di-hi there lovely readers!   I do hope you have been enjoying your weekend.  We had such a lovely day wandering around the beautiful grounds of Mottisfont House, if any of you haven't been but live near Southampton it is a total must!  Their Christmas extravaganza (the Nutcracker) is something we are all very excited about if last years events is anything to go by!

Here are my little cherubs running on the lawn with the football!  Such a beautiful day!

Now as much as I could bore you all endlessly with National trust photos I thought I would share a mini tutorial with you for a flower I created recently.  I was a bit of an experiment but I loved the finish!

I used the super sized flower punch and punched out a flower in a patterned paper.

Step 1 - fold the flower in half, open, turn it a fraction and fold again.  The aim is to make sure each petal and each gap between the petals have a fold.  (see image below)

Step 2 - After completing all your folds you now need to fold in half and then in half again (it doesn't matter which way round the paper is or whether the first fold was through a petal etc)

Step 3 -  cut off the corner (I cut off about 5mm diagonally)

Step 4 - Create valley and mountain folds all around your flower.  Here I made all the folds in the petals mountain folds but it looks just as great the other way round!

Step 5 - I used the next size down flower punch and punched out a flower from scrap paper. (Your not going to see it)  Cover in tape and glue! (I think glue dots or even hot melt glue would work even better)

Step 6 - This is a little tricky and if you have punched out a smaller flower quite fiddly!)  you need to push all your petals in at the same time, this will close up the hole you created.   Stick this on the scrap flower covered in glue....beware, you need to hold for a while!  I found that as the flower naturally wants to return to its original shape you need to make sure the glue is set first!

Step 7 - I put some extra glue in the centre (just to be sure) and then stuck a very tiny flower over it to hide the joins!

Hey pretso!  a really cute 3d scrap flower!  Great for using up oddments!

Here is another flower I created!  this one has valley folds in each of the petals!

Hope you love making these little flowers of mine.  For an experiment I was really pleased!

Good luck!  

Well off to Handmade harbour as always for a lookie at what everyone has been up to.



  1. They look great, I think I may try something similar with some of the leftovers of my crafty whatnots box.

    1. Thank you honey. They are a great way to use up scraps! Can't wait to see what else you have created! xx

  2. That is so clever, I remember seeing something similar with a star but I'd never think to do a flower like that. I can imagine these on gifts instead of a bow. Thanks

    1. OOo a star would look great! Will have to try that Thanks Julie xx

  3. Aww these are so cute! Perfect for adding a touch of prettiness to so many things x

  4. Fabulous pretty decorative flower x
    my mum lives in Fareham so maybe I should put Mottisfont house on our to do list! I would have liked to have seen some of the NT pics

    1. Mottisfont is one of our absolute favorites! They always have lovely exhibitions on. At the moment there is an open art exhibition which is lovely. We are looking forward to the Christmas one tho, Last year was wonderful, there were imaginative activities all around the garden and house for the children, dressing up in the house for the swan ball and then a dance in the great hall with the Swan Princess! If you like trompe loie (sorry not sure how to spell it) the great hall is completely covered, even the curtains, smoke from the fire and the light shadows are painted on! It is quite impressive! xx

  5. Very pretty flowers, ideal for making 3d gift tags :)