Sunday, 26 June 2016

All change!

How do all!  Sorry I didn't post last week, it's all been a bit manic, up in the air and all change here!
The first bit of news is that after much soul searching I have decided to stop creating my monthly boxes. I was finding each month was becoming so stressful, particularly on the marketing front but also on deciding what to create.  If you have had a box from me, firstly thank you so much, but you will know that the boxes I used were large letter.  Until you have to design new tutorials and gifts every month that can only fit in a 2cm deep box it is hard to imagine how restricting that is and my ideas really were running dry!  I have too many ideas which require more space and I didn't want to increase prices for the odd larger craft or gift.
Marketing...oh marketing, how I hate thee!  I don't know about you but I find this the hardest aspect.  I have learnt loads but it seems that I really need to focus more and spread myself a little less thin!  Any tips??

Anyhow, onwards and upwards!  I have had plans for alternative boxes for some time now so I thought I would share the latest and most exciting news with you!  I will be launching two new boxes.

The first is the Crafty What Nots craft and gift Season box.  This box will be a quarterly box and I will be collaborating with other designers to bring you 3 beautifully handmade gifts to keep or give as presents.  There will also be 4 craft kits, these will include a Jewellery making, papercraft, needlecraft and a mystery kit!  The format will be different too and although there will be some bonus craft supplies they won't dictate the box theme in the same way and will just be added extras to build up your crafty stash.  The boxes will also be delivered in small parcels too, so extra room for extra goodies!  I'm so looking forward to working with other designers!  I have two already lined up and just need to seek out another for the Autumn box.  If you have products that you think might work in one of the boxes please do let me know as I have space in the Spring and Summer ones and one in the Autumn.

The Seasons box will be £40 plus postage but there will be a payment plan (which offers 10% discount) and there will also be the odd code on my Facebook page!  In fact there will be a discount code for the first box on the 1st July when I launch so don't forget to call by to find out more!

The second box (and this is one I have been planning for years but never had the time.) Is a brand new Children's mystery box!!!!

I have been writing stories about these lovable characters for years and now they are going to have their own box!  I'm going to start with a pilot box and depending on it's popularity I may make more that are quarterly, bimonthly or even monthly.  Each box will come with a story book (written and illustrated by myself!) and craft kits relating to the story.  There will also be a newsletter included tell you all about what the characters have been up to between boxes.  I have set up a Facebook page as well so that children (with parents permission of course) can catch daily highlights of what Pip and Custard have been up to.  (each post is aimed at a young audience so no promoting other pages, causes or memes to make you laugh, just the characters)
I've not launched this quite yet as I have a few things to still iron out but I am hoping the first boxes will go out at the beginning of August ready for summer holiday entertainment!
Order books won't be open very long for this pilot box so if your interested feel free to let me know and I will make sure you are the first to know!

Here are some of the illustrations for the first box story!

Well I think I may well have bombed you with rather too much info (and so much more to tell but that can wait!)

I will be popping by Handmade Monday as always so do pop by and say hi!

Love Jen xx


  1. I love the idea of a mystery craft box for children at Christmas - a great aleternative gift idea

  2. Some lovely ideas, please let me know when the children's boxes are available I know quite a few children (and parents) that would love them.

  3. Lovely idea about the children box- would defo be interested! mystery box also sounds good! x

  4. I think the gift box sounds a good idea and must admit doing every month must have become a headache for you. Good luck with your change of direction