Saturday, 4 June 2016

A little Dylusional fun!

Recently I treated myself to a few Dylusions paints.  Oh my, the colours were so beautiful and after watching numerous videos on You Tube and the new Hochanda channel I was all set to paint, paint, paint.... well nearly!  In fact it took me a few days to pluck up the courage to try them.  I love colours and my favourite place in any department store or shop has always been the stationary department.  You can keep your shoes, I can walk straight past the bags, turn my nose up at the perfumes and head straight to my favourite place! And why? Because I love the colours and variety.

Well Dylusions paints hit me the same way, the colour range was wonderful and the things people could do with them were amazing! How on earth could I top these creations! 

Well I plucked up the courage to open the pots.  I learnt some great tips, these are ...

  • -Give the pot a good shake and then tap it a few times on the table.  remove the lid and work from there rather than dipping brushes or sponges into the pot itself. (great if you accidentally contaminate it.)
  • - have a mist it handy full of water.  When you have finished with your pot, give a quick spray on the paint and close it up.  Sometimes it is worth doing this before you use it (just give it a shake again after)
  • When starting out go for colours that fit well together, ones that sit on the same side of the colour wheel.  I instinctively wanted to use green and purple but don't!! try greens and blues or yellows and greens etc and start by working with three colours
  • When you finish what you are doing then dab your sponge or brush on a clean sheet of paper or journal page until the paint is all gone.  The more you get off the sponge the more use you will get from it without the need to wash it! Also you can create some great paper to use for backing sheets later on!
  • A little goes a loooooong way!
So I thought I would share with you my first video.  I am using my Crafty What Nots colour application tool kit to create a journal page.  Hope you enjoy!

My Wholesaler is now stocking the whole range of paints, that's 18 beautiful colours!  I am selling them on my website with a great discount so if you fancy some do pop by and visit.  I will be releasing more videos on how to get the most from the paints and also using some amazing other products with them such as gesso and mica!

The colours really can depend on vibrancy depending on the surface you are using.  I used them to paint my door guard so they really are versatile!

Well I hope you all have a lovely week!  I will be revealing the contents of this months Crafty What Nots boxes and have a few lovely reviews to share with you.

I will be popping by Handmade Monday to share my blog so do pop by and see who is around!

Jen xx


  1. Love the video and these paints look brilliant. I am with you handbags and shoes bypass and head for the craft every time. Hate other shopping with a passion but can spend hours in a craft or vintage store

  2. Such bright and vibrant colours