Monday, 25 April 2016

Pen Storage

To say this has been a big bug bear for some time is a bit of an understatement.  I have been on a constant quest to find the perfect storage for my pens ever since I had too many to fit in my pen roll! Now, as you may well know, alchol pens really need to be stored on their side.  This is mainly so that one end (mine are all double ended) doesn't fill with the ink and the other dry out. My main problem has been that storing pens on their side is frustrating.  they are harder to identify and storage for them is a nightmare!
The first thing I did (as so many do I expect) is search Pinterest for storage.  Now I know that you can buy custom made storage but aren't they expensive!!!  I discovered a great idea using a DVD rack.  I searched high and low for a rack that would work but to no avail.  My next idea was to create a similar effect using lots of dvd cases and copious amounts of glue and washi tape.  This worked to an extent but I could only house some of my pens this way and it was very labour intensive to create just one box so many was a daunting job!
My latest breakthrough came when a wandering through the Range (a pastime of mine! lol) I found these lovely boxes made by Curver.  The thing that attracted me to them were the holes in the sides and also that the sides were square.  many boxes have sloping edges which makes things much harder!

I discovered that I could Fit 2 wooden skewers into the holes.  I measured the width of the pens and pushed through two skewers at even intervals up the front edge of the box.  I then pushed through one skewer at the same level but further into the box so the pens would have something to rest on.

I used wire cutters to cut all the skewers flush with the side of the box and then used a glue gun to secure all the ends in place.

I discovered that if you make a mistake with the glue gun and wish you had put a skewer somewhere else then just heat it over with a heat gun and it melts enough to move it.

Once cooled I then started to fill with pens!

My earlier attempts at this storage included created a twine lattice grid behind the front skewers, this did stop pens going side to side but it also meant that the pens bounced a bit inside.

You can also see that I washi taped the front sticks together to add a bit of decor on this one.  My aim was to use white stickers to cover the two rods and then colour them in with the pen colour above them.

Well here is my colourful corner! Fab pens and beautiful paints. 

Well for now I love it!  I may find an even better way to store my pens but until then... yeah!

Do you have the same problem?

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  1. What a good idea. I love the look of all your pens like that.

  2. Oooh, clever idea, I don't have anything like as many pens (pen envy is a thing right?) so mine are just in an old washing tablet tub - yours is much more glamorous!

  3. Brilliant idea. Amazing what you can find at the likes of the Range and Wilkos, always something useful

  4. Wow that is a great effort to get the pen storage and I commend you, he result is excellent x I agree the range is fab, thank goodness I moved closer to one! X