Thursday, 15 January 2015

Happy Friday ... delivery!!

Now I don't know about you but one thing that does make me do a little jig round the house are deliveries!!! Boxes of fab goodies!

I can't show you the contents I'm afraid as there were lots of goodies to go into the next two months of Crafty What Nots! But there was lots of things to make me dance! (maybe in my head as I would look an idiot prancing round my house!)

What has made you happy this week??  I will be popping round to Planet Penny to see what others have been up to!  Do pop along and meet some new friends! xxx


  1. That looks really exciting! Very curious to know what is inside!

  2. Oh how I wish you could send these fabulous little boxes to the US. I'm sure they are filled with wonderful treasures.

  3. Most intrigued by Crafty What Nots!!! Have a good week Jo x