Monday, 19 January 2015

Button Charm Bracelet Tutorial

This week I thought I would show you how to make this really cute button bracelet! I love buttons and have seen all sorts of similar bracelets so thought I would give it a go and make my own!

Button Charm Bracelet

You will need ~ Length of chain that will go around your wrist (only just). A selection of buttons (I used around 24) You need to make sure the buttons aren't too big or that the hole is too far away from the edge.  Enough large jump rings for each button plus two spare. A claw clasp (or something of your choosing). Pair of pliers.

Step 1 ~ Take a jump ring and using the pliers twist it open.  DO NOT pull the ring apart, the secret is to twist it then it will close better.

Step 2 ~ Add a button and then hook the chain into the same jump ring.

Step 3 ~ Close the jump ring by twisting it shut.  You have now added your first button charm to your bracelet.

Step 4 ~ Keep adding button charms to your length of chain until you have the desired amount.  You could be far more creative with the colours than me and add different shaped buttons and beads if you wish to add variety!

Step 5 ~ Take a jump ring and add to one end, this will be where the clasp catches.

Step 6 ~ Now take another jump ring and attach the claw clasp to the other end in the same way that you attached the buttons.

Now all that's left to do is put it on and wear with pride!

I thought these might look great layered!  I could create lots of button charm bracelets in different shades and wear several at the same time to compliment what I'm wearing!

In other news...I have set up a new website for my Crafty What Nots postal mystery craft boxes! I am still finalising the payment page but it is all up to date with images and reviews as well as crafty questions.  I can also be found on facebook  I thought this month I would post a mini spoiler for the next box! Do you think it would add to the excitement?  Here it is...can you guess what they are going to be?

Well I thought I would leave you with a lovely view!  Yesterday we had a really wonderful walk on a beach we haven't visited before (not sure of it's name but it is in Weymouth Bay)

Wasn't nice to have some sun! 

I'm off now to link up with the fab Handmade harbour and Creative Mondays!  

Have a great week xx


  1. What a brilliant tutorial. I am going to bookmark your page. My goddaughter will love this she's always on her phone when me and her mum are chatting. I'm sure she would love to make one of these and her mum would love to get her off her phone.
    Ali xx

  2. A lovely tutorial and a cute little bracelet too. I shall be taking over the running of Handmade Monday from next week, please stop by.

  3. A lovely bracelet and so pretty using the buttons. Gorgeous bit of sunshine on the beach. Hope you had a good walk :)

  4. Brilliant tutorial. I love the shiny red buttons too. x