Monday, 10 August 2015

Shell Candles tutorial

Happy Monday one and all!

I know, I know... I havn't been around for a while.  Life has be quite chaotic especially after the birth of my latest little one!

I thought I would share a tutorial with you which didn't make it into the last Crafty What Nots box (I just couldn't find enough shells!)

Shell candles
You will need ~ 1 large shell which will sit solidly on a flat surface (you don't want your candle to rock or fall over!!) 2 or more night lights depending on the size of your shell, oven.

Step 1 - take the wax part of your night light out of it's case (make sure it is one with a metal case!)

Step 2 - carefully pull the wick out of the candle from the base.

NOTE - my wick actually came out of the metal base, if this happens to you then you need to enlarge the hole where it attaches and pop it back in.  

I used a cocktail stick to make mine bigger.

Once you have removed your wicks place them in your shell.  I thought that this shell would need two candles hence why there are two wicks. If your shell is particularly deep it may be worth putting them in shallower areas or resting them on wax to raise them up. 

Pop your wax back in their metal containers and place on a baking tray in the oven.  I put the heat up to 220`C and watched it until it had melted. You could place on a tray on a gas hob or use a heat gun if you'd rather (beware that the wax doesn't spray with the pressure of the heat if you use the latter)

Step 5 - carefully and with a towel or pliers pour the wax into your shell.  I was worried that the wax would make the wicks float but they didn't thankfully!

Here is the difference between using 1 and 2 candles!

Step 6 - Now let it cool on a flat surface.  Now you can pop it in a safe place and light!

I can imagine these would look lovely around the bath!  Do remember tho... be safe!  Never leave them unattended!

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