Monday, 31 August 2015

Quick Crafty Card tutorial

Good morning to you all!  How have you been surviving the school holidays? I have certainly found three children quite the handful, especially as my middle one is still trying to adapt to having a baby sister taking up so much of my time!!

I thought I would share a little summery tutorial with you today.  Have a go at making this cute and super easy card!

Step 1 - You can use any shape card, I have chosen a square one here.  First thing you need to do is place a strip of double sided tape approximately 1.5" in from the right side (making sure that your card opens up to the right side).

Step 2 - start to stick your flower embellishments along the strip.  You need to ensure that the side of the flowers go close to the edge but not go over it (mine here is a little close!), the top ones can go over the edge top and bottom.  

Step 3 - Make sure all the tape is covered (you can always add a little more tape and layer your flowers if you wish)

Step 4 - cut around the edge of your flowers, leaving a little border of white around the edge.

Why not add some ribbon or sentiment to finish off your card!!

In the wonderful world of Crafty What Nots I have just launched the 'Crafty Night Before Christmas box'  A Christmas eve box with a twist.  Just like the normal monthly boxes this one-off box is full of crafty goodies, tutorials and a special handmade gift.

Each box is sent out on the 1st December and is available in 4 age ranges - under 5, 5+, teenager and adult!!

So if you fancy starting a new tradition or after an unusual Christmas present for a loved one (or yourself!!)  Do pop buy and find out more!  I am also happy to ship internationally so if you would like a box but not in the UK don't fret (the postage is increased however as you can imagine!)

I am so excited about these boxes and been planning like made!!!

In other news I have been picking up the old pencil again and been making family portraits for some lovely people.  Here is the first one I did.  I am currently running an offer on these. 25% off the first five paid orders I have (there are only two slots left!!)

Well I am going to link up with Handmade Monday (something I haven't been able to do in ages!)
Have a lovely week folks xx


  1. Hi Jenny, lovely card inspiration - as usual. I love your family drawings, what a fun gift idea. You are so talented!

  2. Aww i love your family picture! So cute :) Well done for getting your Xmas boxes organised in good time, they sound fab and i'm sure they'll be popular x

  3. The Christmas boxes are a great idea:)