Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmassy stuff!

Well the lurgy has attacked our house! So only a short post from me this week.  I managed a couple of crafty endeavours.  Here is a little experiment I have been working on.  I have illustrated a couple of books in the past and I thought I would have a go at trying to make them 3d!  Here is the start of Pip and Pigley.  I used this lovely air dry clay from Woodware, it is so light and dries easily within 24 hours.

I made little wire bodies and bulked out with clay.  Then I started to paper mache with kitchen roll scraps.  So far I'm quite pleased! 

Here is a family portrait I did last year.  The littlest is Pigley (my youngest) and the older girl is Pip (my oldest)  Hopefully you can begin to see how they are forming in my models!  My big plan is to create a little model of everyone in our little family!

I also got myself in gear to put up my alternative Christmas decs!  I decided that the youngest is still far too little to not try to pull a tree down so I created a swag instead!  Nowhere to put presents but looks so pretty!

I am so fussy about my tree/swag!  I love baubles which reflect or refract the light so there are lots of whites, translucent baubles and glass shapes!

I have also managed a little bit of silversmithing!  My degree was in metalwork and jewellery but in all honesty I haven't really done much in the past ....erm  too many..years! It was so nice to work with the silver again.  Sorry the photo isn't that good.  It is a domed hammered square with a blue bead.  They look much better in reality!

Well better get on with piles of work and trying not to drown in my stinky cold!

Hope you are all well and getting in full swing for Christmas.  Oh and don't forget to pop by handmade harbour.



  1. Love your swag, it's a great way to safely show off all the lovely decorations. I hope you are now over your cold :)

  2. loving the models- look forward to seeing final pic! the portrait is so cute! well done! hope had good xmas and new year x