Saturday, 23 August 2014

Circle greeting card tutorial

Well how do all!  Hope you have been enjoying the weather.  Myself and my lovely family went exploring East Sussex.  Such a lovely place filled with so many childhood memories.  As I was away I didn't blog but as I did three before I left I do hope you will forgive me!

Since being back I have been playing constant catch up but managed to find a little me time to create a greeting card.  I loved it so much I thought I would share it with you.

Circle greeting card DIY (I really struggle with names for my DIY's sometimes!)

Well here is the finished thing.  Such a pretty card and at first I thought...oooo easy peasy!  Well it wasn't hard after I thought a little while about it but I was momentarily stumped on how to get all the circles to line up.  I f I had done it by eye I am sure I would have ended up with a few slightly out.  Anyhow, here is my answer!

I used a blank kraft A5 card.  I measured the height and width and cut out a piece of white card the same height but only 2/3 the width.  I also used a piece of scrap paper the same height as the card and a couple of inches wide.

Step 1 - take your piece of scrap paper and fold in half widthways... fold in half again

... now take the section you just folded over and fold it back on itself and then unfold.  (Do this to create a guide)

Step 2 - making sure the last little fold you made is in the centre of your punch punch through all 4 layers of paper.

You should be left with this,

Now open up your paper.  Here is your cutting guide.

Step 3 - I laid my paper onto my card and using a pencil I gently scribbled so that the edges of my circles were clear.  I did try with an ink pad which worked well too.

Once I did one side I reversed the paper and repeated it down the other.

You should end up with this.

Step 4 - Line up each of your pencil circles and punch them out using your circle punch.

Step 5 - Next I fixed foam pads around the card with the holes in it (make sure you stick them on the back that you drew on so that the fresh white side will be nice and clean.)

Attach your white card to the front of your greeting card.

Step 6 - Next I fixed a foam pad into the centre of each circle and removed the tops.

Now you can stick in your decorations.  I used little flowers but hearts look fantastic too. 

The last thing I did was stamp Happy Birthday on the side and Hey Presto! 

As always you will find a supplies list on the link below if you wish to see exactly what I used.

I will also be popping round to Handmade Harbour tomorrow for a crafty swim. 


  1. Oh how clever, what a great card! xx

    1. Thank you so much. I was very pleased at having worked this one out. xx

  2. Great tutorial, I'd never have thought of that!! xx

    1. Thank you hon, I did a few odd tries first before settling with this technique. x

  3. nice card idea :) i like cards with apertures

    1. They are so fun aren't they! I have been trying a few different ones this week but this one is my favourite xx

  4. I would never have thought of doing circles like that - very clever!

    1. Thank you so much. I have my clever day! (expect that will me my quota for the next year!) xx

  5. What a great idea, I would never have thought of that for lining them up - thanks for sharing:)

  6. Such a cute card, thanks for the great tutorial xx

  7. It's a beautiful card, and I love how you got them all to line up so well, thanks for sharing.