Thursday, 18 February 2016

Valentines Day

Valentines Day.

Did you celebrate?  I must admit as I have gotten older it has become less exciting to me (think I am growing more pessimistic as each year goes on!)  either that or the thought of more stuff cluttering up my house puts me off!

Anyhow, that said I do like to try to create a little something special for the other half!

Here is my latest creation!  A family tree of us and our three girls.  This is a different format to my usual portraits, I love the quirkiness of the tree and that each of the girls names are written in the branches,   I also thought I would experiment with a little dimension and the couple in the front is raised as is the grass.  The whole thing was finished off in a Shadow frame.  The piece was 12x12".

I am not sure whether this is something I will start offering to sell, to be honest I'm not sure how to price it. What do you think?? Did you enjoy your valentines?

I'm popping by to link with handmade Monday, do pop by to say hi.


  1. What a beautiful gift, I'm sure people would love to purchase something similar but you definitely don't want to under price yourself

  2. That's a great gift, pricing is difficult for such personalised items, each one is a 'one off'.
    My friend got IOU's this year that she can call in at any time, hubby's is to take her out for a movie or a meal, the 3 kiddo's ones are hoovering..... making the beds and dusting the bedroom dressing table. The children are 5, 8 and 10. She can call each of them in at any time x 3.

    1. Fab idea. Love the idea of being able to cash them in whenever! Xx

  3. The tree is fantastic and am sure it would sell, as everyone loves a family tree. Selling price as personalised (do not know your costs) but something like £20.