Friday, 4 December 2015

Felt heart Christmas decoration tutorial

Felt Hearts

I thought I would share some creations I recently made for Decembers Crafty What Nots box.
This months theme was Silent night and was full of icy blues and silvers. As I couldn't fit and more tutorial in the box I thought I would share my method for making these little heart decorations.

These really are so simple. Sorry no step by step photos at the moment.

Step 1 - cut out two hearts out of felt
Step 2 - embellish your hearts how ever you please.  I embroidered a snowflake on one and attached buttons to another, you could sew an initial or just leave blank if you wish.
Step 3 - place your hearts together and sew around the edges, I used a blanket stitch. leave an inch gap and fill with stuffing.  I actually used felt offcuts from my samples, why no add some thing fragranced?
Step 4 - sew up the gap and thread a loop to the top and hey presto!!!

Why not make lots and create a garland? Or add a pocket to the back of each and turn them into advent calendars??

The free personal gift this month was a hand embroidered felt hand warmer.  I will blog a tutorial on how to make that soon!

Well I had better go and finish creating the Christmas eve boxes!!

Jenny xx

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