Monday, 28 September 2015

Christmas... already?

How are you all this week?  Do you feel those Christmassy feelings of warmth and goodwill sweeping over you yet? The burning desire to get the tinsel out and the mulled wine cooking? No?? Well who can blame you, Christmas is fast approaching but with some lovely sunny days I must admit I am being consumed by Autumn loveliness! The stunning autumn colours and the falling leaves.  All that aside however as a crafter we have to think about Christmas far too early.  I know many who have been making since way before the school holidays!  I thought I would share my latest Christmas venture with you all.

I was introduced to Christmas Eve boxes a few months back. It seems something that originated in America and goes hand in hand with the 'Elf on the Shelf'.  Don't worry if you are new to Elf on the Shelf too.  The general idea in a nutshell, is you have a small toy elf who arrives on the 1st December.  He watches your children everyday and reports back to Santa every night to tell him if they have been good or not! When the elf returns in the morning he gets up to a little mischief.  He may spill cereal all over the counter or tie your shoe laces together etc. (this is where parents have fun and get creative!)  Then on Christmas Eve the elf leaves to go and help Santa sort out the toys and load the sleigh.  When the elf goes he leaves behind a Christmas Eve box, a box full of treasures.  Usually these treasures seem to consist of a Christmas film, book, slippers, new pyjamas and a few yummies to enjoy while watching your film.  Well my pondering took me to... what if the Christmas box contained lots of crafting goodies!!! How about instead of being full of food and dvd's etc that it contained tutorials and craft supplies to create some Christmas crafting memories.  So I give you the Crafty Night Before Christmas box!

Each box contains at least three tutorials, all the crafty supplies you need to complete them and lots extra and a small handmade gift from me to you!  I have designed 4 different boxes based on ages.  There is the under 5's, 5+, teenager and adult.  I am also more than happy to personalised.

Well I'm off to carry on planning my boxes. If you want to found out more or take a peek at my brand new kit box v visit

I'm stopping off to visit all those lovely blogs at Handmade Monday so why not pop over and see what others have been up to.


  1. What a great idea Jenny, we made a Christmas eve box for Lucy last year and we left it on her bed and took a photo. Whilst we were out that day we showed her the picture on my phone and told her it was a message from Santa - she was very excited.

    1. Ooo I bet she had a wonderful time with it! Christmas is so much more wonderful with kids isn't it. Xx

    2. Ooo I bet she had a wonderful time with it! Christmas is so much more wonderful with kids isn't it. Xx

  2. Aww what a fun idea and a really lovely way to make special Christmassy memories, good luck with designing your boxes! x

  3. What a fantastic idea and certainly something to keep the kids happy on Christmas Eve. I love Autumn too, maybe because an Autumn baby but something about dry crisp mornings walking over the fallen leaves.

  4. What a fabulous idea, a great distraction from the excitement :)

  5. Lovely alternative xmas box- clever idea :) x