Friday, 20 February 2015

Happy Friday 7

I have been sorting through photos this week... My aren't there so many nowadays!  My drop box is full of crafty makes and weekend adventures!  I read somewhere this week that we will take more photos every two minutes than all humanity took as a whole in the 1800's!!  Isn't that a lot! either that or they didn't snap much in the 1800's! (I guess there was a lot of priming the camera, long exposure not to mention processing time).  I remember when I was younger I savoured every photo opportunity, taking my time to make sure it was in shot and in focus and even then it was totally pot luck how it would turn out once developed!  Nowadays, I take several pics of the same thing so I can choose the best!  Sometimes technology really is amazing!

Anyhow as I was sorting through my pictures I found this one which really did make me happy!

This little fish was a creation of a lovely friends son.  He spent hours designing and then cutting out all the little fish scales.  

He was so excited to share his creation and justly so, Don't you just love it when a child gets so engrossed in something creative!!  I love it even more when they are thrilled with their creations!

So please send a big crafty wave to Joe and his fantastic fish!!!
Hope you have had a happy week and if you have had the kids at home for half term.... it is nearly time for them to go back to school!  *I'm sure I can hear lots of big cheers*!

I'm going to pop over to Planet Penny to see what has made other bloggers happy this week.



  1. Love the fish! Joe should definitely be proud, he did a great job :) x

  2. Please send my greetings to Joe. He did a great job designing and making this fish! I'm going to share this idea with my little grandson. Happy Friday!

  3. Well done Joe (Big Wave!). My WI are running a decorated fish competition this month - I think Joe would definitely win! x

  4. Great stuff, Joe, what a fabulous fish! Thanks so much for entering in to the spirit of Happy Friday x

  5. Good job with the fish Joe, it has turned out lovely.